Two University students arrested in Lundgren Hall incident

By Daily Illini Staff Report

A University student and his friend, both 18, were arrested Saturday morning after an incident in a University residence building, Lundgren Hall, 1201 S. Fourth St.

Ali Mahmoud Issa was arrested on the charges of aggravated assault, reckless conduct and interfering with a 911 call; Ieva Simulyte was arrested on the charges of reckless conduct and illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor, according to a University police report.

Hall staff witnessed the two assisting their 18-year-old male friend up to a dorm room. The male was intoxicated and unresponsive.

When hall staff tried to help the ill male, the student pushed them away and threatened them. When they witnessed hall staff calling 911, Issa threatened the staff member and tried to knock the phone out of his hand, said University Police Sgt. Tom Geis.

The two then brought the intoxicated male to a dorm room, locked the door and then left.

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    The hall staff unlocked the room and emergency responders attended to the male, who had been vomiting, according to Geis.

    “It was a very dangerous situation for the guy that they locked in the room,” Geis said.

    The intoxicated male was transported to the hospital and the two were then located by police.