Security upped for Biden visit on campus, airport

By Daily Illini Staff Report

Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to the University on Thursday will call for enhanced security on campus, according to University of Illinois Police Department Spokesman Patrick Wade.

Wade said that the details of the security measures cannot be released but the University police department will be working with the Secret Service to make sure “everyone is very comfortable” with such a high-profile guest on campus.

“Obviously we can’t say anything very specific about what we are doing, but people should expect to see a couple more police officers and just some different security measures in place,” Wade said. “We are still finalizing details.”

Willard Airport manager Steve Wonzk said security measures will be enhanced for the vice president, who will be flying in with Air Force Two to Willard Airport on Thursday.

“A lot of things happen when the President or Vice President visits, all are security related,” Wonzk said.

He said the motorcade will start at the airport and close off intersections for a short length of time as it comes to campus.

The last high-profile visitor to Champaign to come through Willard airport was former President Bill Clinton in 1998 who visited with former Vice President Al Gore, Wonzk said. The spoke at Assembly Hall. During his visit, Clinton spoke about new programs he introduced in his recent State of the Union address.

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