Why it’s important to go to Quad Day


By Victoria Snell

When I first started at the University, I was not only a new student, but I was also a transfer student.

To me, that meant it was an even bigger challenge — I was submerging myself into a lifestyle that was very different from what I was used to. Needless to say, it was difficult to get involved and make friends.

Everyone had made friends during their freshman year.

Quad Day might sound cliché — you walk around and have a bunch of people hand you fliers and ask you to sign up for their club or organization. Right out of a movie.

But it’s important to go, even if it’s 89 degrees and you know absolutely no one.

If you’re unsure or nervous about going, take a look at a few reasons why you should take the plunge and take advantage of Quad Day.

There’s nothing to lose

Honestly, I have never met a student who has lost anything by going to Quad Day.

It’s free, and you even get free things sometimes. If anything, you gain experiences by going.

Getting a feel for the college culture

Quad Day is one of the first big events of the year that is open to all students.

Going to Quad Day allows you to see all of the types of clubs, organizations, fraternities and sororities the school has to offer.

You’ll also get a sense of the types of people you’ll meet during your time at the University.

Meeting new people and making connections

Unless you’re trying really hard to avoid it, people will talk to you when you go to Quad Day.

There are thousands of students looking to recruit others to learn more about their organizations.

Quad Day is a less awkward way to meet new people, and can even lead to lasting connections that can help you advance academically or even in life after graduation.

Finding new interests and hobbies

With over 1,400 registered student organizations and clubs, it’s pretty hard to not find something that you would enjoy. Going to Quad Day might help you discover hobbies that you have always wanted to get involved in, or new interests that you never knew you had.

Connecting with old interests and hobbies

In between classes and studying, college is supposed to be fun. Going to Quad Day gives you a chance to sign up for organizations or clubs that specialize in hobbies you are already involved in.

You’re likely to find a club focused on some of your favorite interests, as well as groups of people who feel as passionate about them as you do.

Becoming a part of something bigger than yourself

While it might sound cheesy, Quad Day showcases several opportunities to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

There are many organizations at Quad Day that focus on assisting others. Whether it’s helping out in the community or helping out around the world, going to Quad Day is a great first step to getting there.

There are numerous reasons why Quad Day is a vital event in the University’s culture, but these are just a few.

While going may not initially change your life, you will see results by the end of the year.

I would not have met the people that I did, nor gotten an internship, if it wasn’t for the leap of faith I took when I went to Quad Day.

Victoria is a senior in Media.

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