UIPD arrest suspect in Chabad menorah vandalism case

By Jason Chun

University police arrested a man Tuesday evening on the charge of criminal damage to property on the front lawn of the Chabad Jewish Center.

Max W. Kristy, 20, was issued a state of Illinois notice to appear in court for knocking over a menorah displayed outside the Illini Chabad Center. 

The University of Illinois Police Department received an anonymous tip that placed Kristy in a video released Aug. 19 in which he pushes the menorah until it eventually snaps at the base.

Kristy could be charged with a Class 4 felony due to the amount of damage caused, according to Patrick Wade, University of Illinois Police Department spokesperson.

Wade said the State’s Attorney will ultimately decide Kristy’s punishment, however he could possibly face jail time.

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    He said the cost of damage, which is estimated at $2,269, is so large because the menorah is a solid metal piece, set in a concrete foundation which contains electronic wiring that runs through the entire structure. 

    The menorah broke at its base, causing damage to the electrical equipment on the inside.

    Wade said the UIPD does not have any information to connect Kristy to similar vandalism of the menorah that occurred in the spring.

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