UIPD reports campus sexual assault

By Samantha Jones Toal

A sexual assault occurred Wednesday in a University residence hall at 4:30 a.m. according to a Campus Safety Notice sent out to students Thursday morning.

According to the notice, a student was sexually assaulted by a person known to the victim. The notice was issued to students at around 10 a.m. Thursday.

Pat Wade, a UIPD spokesperson, said that there were 12 reported sexual assault incidents in 2014. However, he said that the real number of sexual assaults on campus is probably much higher than reported.

“Sexual assault happens with regularity on college campuses and Illinois is no exception,” Wade said.

The notice highlighted that the only one responsible for sexual assault is the perpetrator and that it is everyone’s responsibility to prevent sexual assault on campus.

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    “There is nothing anyone can do completely to prevent themselves from being targeted by a criminal, but we want to encourage discussion and awareness for people to protect themselves and people around them,” said Wade.

    The email named different resources that those who have suffered from sexual assault can use, such as the Women’s Resource Center and Title IX Office. Wade also mentioned the launch of the We Care website this past summer, which includes a multitude of resources for victims.

    “We make sure that we get the survivors of incidences any help they need and are comfortable with,” Wade said.

    The University is providing resources to assist those involved in this incident and will continue to take actions to maintain the safety and security of the campus community.