Champaign sees multiple shootings over weekend, Monday morning

By Daily Illini Staff Report

Champaign Police responded to a report of multiple shots fired early Monday morning in the 1700 block of Valley Road, the fourth shooting in as many days.

The first shooting occurred on Friday at 9 p.m. in 1200 Block of North Hickory Street. The second shooting occurred on Saturday around 10 a.m. near Prospect Avenue and Dennison Drive and the third shooting occurred on Saturday around 11:30 a.m. in the 400 block of West Vine Street.

According to a statement released by Champaign Police, the Monday shooting occurred around 3:40 a.m. and left a 22-year-old male with non-life threatening injuries. The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Champaign Police Deputy Chief Troy Daniels said “a fight between two males leaving a party” early Monday morning resulted in multiple rounds of gunfire being exchanged.

In addition to injuring the victim, one of the rounds went through a neighbor’s window and another hit an uninvolved vehicle.

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    As for the other shootings, Daniels said police are still investigating whether or not any of the four incidences are connected.

    “We think that there is a connection between the first and the second shootings since they were close in proximity,” said Daniels. “We aren’t too sure about the third and fourth one.”

    Daniels said the crime has “become more frequent” in Champaign in the past two years. He said police are working to address the issue and “create a safer environment for all of Champaign.”

    For now, Daniels advises students to “trust your instincts, if you find that something is off or wrong try to notify someone and get help, always travel in big groups if traveling at night.”