License plate renewal notifications suspended during state budget impasse


Zach Dalzell/The Daily Illini

Zach Dalzell The Daily Illini Secretary of State Jesse White came to the Institute of Government and Public Affairs on July 25 to discuss House Bill 226, online voter registration and to urge the governor to sign House Bill 2418 which would allow 17 year olds to vote in the primaries if they would be 18 by the next general election.

By MaryCate Most

Illinois residents will need to take one more precaution before driving due to a recent budget cut that has suspended mailing of vehicle registration renewal notifications.

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office said this cutback is due to the ongoing state budget impasse.

According to the Secretary of State’s site,, suspending notifications will save the state $450,000 per month. The money saved by this suspension will be used to send drivers their vehicle registration renewal stickers, titles and license plates to vehicle owners for a few months longer before the postage account is depleted.

Drivers can sign up for online notifications via the state’s CyberDrive site.

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