University alumnus elected Georgian Prime Minister

By Christin Watkins

University alumnus Giorgi Kvirikashvili was elected Georgian Prime Minister Wednesday. 

Kvirikashvili received his Master’s degree in Finance from the University. Morgan Lynge, Professor Emeritus of Finance who taught Kvirikashvili in his time at the University, was “amazed” to hear of his former student’s new position. Kvirikashvili and Lynge have stayed in touch in the 17 years since Kvirikashvili’s graduation.

“He is a very smart guy. He also is a person who is very interested in his country and doing well for his country,” he said.

Lynge believes Kvirikashvili’s personality and intelligence played a large part in his election to such an esteemed position.

“He is a very smart and inventive and energetic guy. It’s not surprising that a guy like that would rise to become the top of his party and become Prime Minister,” he said.

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    In his past positions as Foreign Minister and Economy Minister, Kvirikashvili encouraged initiatives to forward Euro-Atlantic and European integration and showcased Georgia as a location for foreign investment.

    As Prime Minister, Kvirikashvili hopes to “establish Georgia’s image as a European country that serves as a vital link between Europe and Asia,” he said, according to a press release from Georgia’s department of public relations.