University Housing issues hoverboard ban, safety reminders

By Joeseph Longo

Amid recent fire risk concerns, hoverboards will not be permitted in any University-owned facilities. Students living on campus with hoverboards in their homes are asked to “make arrangements to remove them from campus.”

Robin Kaler, campus spokeswoman, said hoverboards are currently only prohibited in indoor facilities on campus, but University Housing may institute a greater ban in the future.

“We are still looking at national fire (and) consumer product recommendations,” Kaler said. “We will put some sort of addendum to the campus administrative manual and code as soon as we determine what we feel is safe and appropriate.”

The release also reminded students of the effect alcohol has on the body during winter months, warning that alcohol “makes you feel warmer but actually decreases core body temperature, increasing the risk of frostbite and hypothermia.”

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