News briefs

MANILA — Philippine presidential aspirant Mar Roxas, the candidate of the incumbent Benigno Aquino, predicted that voters so far unexcited by his campaign platform of strengthening growth and containing corruption will ultimately back him in the May election.

“We’re boring, we have no drama — we simply work and deliver the goods,” Roxas a 58-year-old former Cabinet member under Aquino, said in an interview in Makati City in the Philippines on Monday night. He pledged to strengthen agriculture, empower local communities to distribute public-investment cash and help private businesses by fighting graft and reducing regulatory burdens.

Speaking days before the government is forecast to announce the slowest annual growth for four years, seen at 5.7 percent, former Sen. Roxas said that his platform could see the expansion rate return to the 6 percent to 7 percent pace Aquino achieved in the past. That record helped spur the World Bank in 2013 to label the Philippines as a “rising tiger” — a big contrast from the decades when it was deemed Asia’s “sick man.”

“Six percent to 7 percent will be attainable,” said Roxas, grandson of a former president. “This year, there would be a bump from all the election activity. But on a sustainable basis, we can approach it beginning 2017, 2018.”