Champaign City Council to consider settlement in Seets case

By Daily Illini Saff Report

The Champaign City Council is faced with a $70,000 payout for the Kisica Seets case at their Council meeting this Tuesday.

Seets filed the lawsuit in federal court against the City of Champaign and four police officers. She alleges that a police officer used excessive force against her while she was being arrested on April 11, 2014. The other officers involved made no action to prevent the use of force.

With seven excessive-force cases being settled since 2010, Champaign could reach up to $1.035 million dollars in total for settlements, making it the most in downstate Illinois.

A news release from the City of Champaign said the proposed $70,000 settlement would release all claims against the City and the officers. Suits against three of the four officers will be dismissed.

About the settlement being discussed at the City council meeting, Champaign City Attorney Fred Stavins said, “It’s an item of the regular city council agenda. It will be open and transparent.”

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    With the $70,000 payout, $25,000 will go to Seets, and the other $45,000 will go to her attorney.

    The possible approval of Seet’s case will be considered by the Champaign City Council to approve a settlement for this lawsuit.

    “Part of it is economic value to avoid future costs of litigation,” said Stavins. “Settlement helps stop the expenses of litigation to a point.”