If elected, Cruz would fight to end Common Core. He is supportive of school choice in order to give children equal opportunities.


Cruz introduced the Cruz Simple Flat Tax of 10 percent for all Americans, which he states would allow all income groups to see a double digit increase in after-tax income. Cruz would like to see the economic growth created by tax reforms used to rebuild the military.

Foreign Policy

Cruz has stated that “what is best for America is best for the world.” As such, he believes the U.S. needs to restore global leadership and defend the country’s allies and interests.


If elected, Cruz would repeal the Affordable Care Act and propose new reforms to the U.S. healthcare system. He has said he wants to keep the government from coming between patients and their doctors.


Cruz has stated that he will stop illegal immigration in the U.S. if he’s elected president. To do so, he proposed building a wall on the border, tripling border security and implementing biometric security to protect the border. Cruz also believes legal immigration needs to be reformed.

Climate change

Cruz has denied climate change and said the facts and evidence do not support it.