Hillary Clinton


Clinton has taken a more moderate position on higher education than her opponent Bernie Sanders, calling for “debt-free” college tuition rather than free college tuition


Climate Change

Clinton’s plan for energy and climate change is twofold. First, she wants to see the U.S. build half a billion solar panels by 2020, and second, she hopes that the U.S. will generate enough renewable energy to power every American home within 10 years.


As a part of her economic policy, Clinton will try to increase the minimum wage, lower taxes on the middle class and keep a check on Wall Street to make sure that they don’t “wreck Main Street” as in 2008.

Health Care

Building on President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, Clinton hopes to reduce the costs of health care and ensure that it is available to all Americans.


Again reaffirming Obama’s plan, Clinton says she will defend the president’s executive action and create a simpler path to legal citizenship for immigrants


Foreign Policy

Citing her position as Secretary of State, Clinton said she will continue to build diplomatic alliances, strengthen the U.S. military and defeat ISIS.