Three arrested in connection with vehicle burglaries

Three suspects were arrested in connection with a recent series of motor vehicle robberies in Champaign.

By Jason Chun, Assistant News Editor

Champaign Police arrested three suspects on Monday connected to several reports of items being stolen from vehicles. The suspects were apprehended in the 900 block of Waterview Way. 

21-year-old Darion Edwards of Urbana and two juvenile males, ages 15 and 16, of Champaign were arrested around 11 p.m.

Officers in the area, who were on patrol due to the recent string of burglaries, witnessed five males attempting to open car doors as they rode their bicycles through a nearby apartment complex. The offenders fled on their bikes as police approached them, leading the officers on a short pursuit on foot.

Police were able to apprehend three of the individuals and are looking to identify the other two.

There has been a significant increase in the amount of motor vehicle burglaries in the area, with Champaign Police receiving 67 calls about the matter since August 15. CPD urges citizens to be proactive in preventing vehicle burglaries and offer the following tips:

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    Lock It. Hide It. Keep It. Burglary Prevention Tips for Vehicles:

    • Don’t leave vehicles running unoccupied
    • Always lock your vehicle doors and take the keys with you when not in use, even in your driveway
    • Do not leave spare keys in your car, even if you keep your door locked
    • Do not leave unattended personal belongings in plain sight, no matter where your vehicle is parked
    • Install alarms and/or “kill switch” devices in vehicles to help prevent break-in
    • When leaving your vehicle, remove GPS, Bluetooth, and other equipment from plain view and lock it in your trunk
    • Don’t leave mail in your vehicle with the address label visible
    • At night, always park your vehicle in a well-lit and visible place

    Jason Chun

    [email protected]