Update: Shooting on Green St., safe to resume activities, avoid area


Lily Katz

Police officer patrols First Street after a campus town shooting on Wednesday night.

By Daily Illini Staff Report

Update: 1:15 a.m.

Neither of the people involved in the shooting is a University students, UIPD Chief Jeff Christensen said in a press release.

“While this appears to be an isolated incident, this once again is an unambiguous reminder that no community is immune from gun violence,” Christensen said.

The shooting, thought to be an act of domestic violence, “reminds us that domestic violence persists in our campus community and beyond,” he said.

“Our collective safety is everyone’s responsibility,” Christensen said. “We once again ask our campus members to pull together and to look out for each other.”

Update: 12:36 a.m.

The Champaign Police Department released a statement regarding the shooting.

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    In a nearby apartment complex, a domestic alteration resulted in both parties shot. Both individuals sustained non-life threatening injuries. A 41-year-old Champaign woman was transported to a nearby hospital.

    The accused suspect has been identified as a 21-year-old male. He arrived to the hospital 90 minutes after officers arrived on the scene, according to the statement.

    Update: 11:20 p.m.

    The suspect is being identified as a black male with dreadlocks, according to the Illinois State Police. The officer was approached by citizens walking by who hoped to provide information about the investigation.

    Illinois State Police, UIPD, and Champaign Police were stationed at every corner on Green St. from First St. to Sixth St.

    Update: 11:10 p.m.

    The Champaign Police Department said the shooting is an isolated incident unrelated to the Cubs celebrations and festivities on campus. There was an additional police presence in the area due to the anticipated activities of the night.

    Police are treating 101 E. Green St. as the scene of the crime. Police are not sure exactly where the incident occurred at the address, but several people called in the incident. Some reported shots fired and some reported fireworks. The police are not sure what is true at this time.

    The investigation will continue. The police are following various leads regarding the suspect and are looking for the public’s help in providing any information about the incident.

    There are no victims at this time.

    More information from Champaign Police Department to come.

    Update: 10:45 p.m.

    UIPD Sergeant Jason D. Bradley said they are still gathering information about the reported shooting. There is a suspect but they are not releasing further information at this time.

    Bradley and other UIPD officers were stationed in front of The Clybourne and Firehaus because it’s “the best place to watch the Cub’s game.”

    Update: 10:36 p.m.

    The suspect is believed to have left the area, according to a second Illini-alert. People are encouraged to continue to avoid the area but it is safe to resume regular activities.

    Police at the scene said they have “no idea” if anyone was injured. They are on the scene for an “assisted presence.”

    Update: 10:22 p.m.

    The shooting occurred around 9:50 p.m., according to the Champaign Police Department. But there is no further information at this time, the department said.

    After a shooting in the 100 block of E. Green St., an Illini-alert was issued around 10:10 p.m. by officials telling people to avoid the area.

    The shooting occurred in the same block as First St. and Green St. and the Super Pantry gas station and Maize. 

    Stay tuned for more updates to come.

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