Student Body President Ron Lewis discusses upcoming semester


Brian Bauer

Newly elected student body president Ron Lewis in front of the Alma Mater on Wednesday, Apr. 13

By Gillian Dunlop, Staff Writer

Editor’s note: This Q & A was edited for clarity.

The Daily Illini sat down with Student Body President Ron Lewis. He highlighted his plan for the new semester and for the change from the Illinois Student Senate to the Illinois Student Government. Lewis will lead the group as they plan to implement their new constitution this semester.

Daily Illini: How do you anticipate the new student government functioning? 

Ron Lewis:  I know there are going to be growing pains with transitioning to a new constitution, but I am really looking forward to see how the new changes will improve student government at Illinois.

DI: What is your goal for the government this year?

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RL: My goal is to get more politically engaged this semester within our state government and also continuing to be there for students. The Office of Government Relations has been doing a great job of working with students and connecting them to legislators so I want to continue to strengthen our ties with them.

DI: How do you think your role as president will change with the implementation of the new constitution?

RL: There’s a lot of things that will change with my position moving forward. The biggest changes are: I no longer will preside over meetings as there will be a new speaker of the senate, and there is a new process of legislation, as I now have the power to veto bills, etc. There is a lot more accountability in the new government and that’s what we need to be a successful organization moving forward.

DI: What work have you done over winter break in preparation for the new government?

RL: The main things I have done is reread the new constitution for clarity and think about some potential people that would fit well in the new roles that I need to appoint.

DI: How do you think a judiciary will benefit the school?

RL: The purpose of the judiciary is to hold Illinois Student Senate accountable for different disputes that might happen moving forward in our body. If we ever were to do something that goes against our constitution, they would review this and let us know that changes need to happen. This will benefit students because it is important for us to be held accountable if we make mistakes. In the past, it would be easier to hide things under the rug if we were to make small errors.

DI: How will judicial members be selected?

RL: The judiciary will be appointed by myself after recommendations from the senate are given.