Krannert Art Museum opening night to introduce new exhibits


Wenyuan Chen

The Krannert Art Museum has a variety of opportunities for students such as displaying artwork in the galleries and holding classes. The museum will now hold yoga classes on Fridays at noon.

Krannert Art Museum will hold its 2017 Spring Open Night on Thursday to introduce the public to the season’s latest art exhibitions.

The new exhibitions are titled Autumn Knight: In Rehearsal, Enough to Live On: Art from the WPA, Land Grant and Light and Movement in Sculpture.

Julia Kelly, communications coordinator for Krannert Art Museum, said she is especially excited for this season’s student piece, “Land Grant.”

“There are students putting the finishing touches on ‘Land Grant’ an exhibition in the Contemporary gallery of art and other materials that deal with the university’s 150th anniversary, history, and the meaning of the land grant mission,” Kelly wrote in an email.

Kelly explained that the student-run exhibit brings together pieces from several origins, including pictures, artwork, “geological gem samples” and a concrete canoe made by Engineering students.

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    “Underlying the array of objects are some serious questions about our identity as the University of Illinois, where the university has been and where it is going,” Kelly wrote, calling the exhibit “thought provoking.”

    The public opening reception will start at 6 p.m. with the opening welcome by Kathleen Harleman, the acting dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts and Museum Director.

    Harlem-based artist Autumn Knight will be performing for “Autumn Knight: In Rehearsal” at 7:30 p.m. along with Broadway actor Chivas Michael and University theatre student Xavier Roe.

    There will also be a private preview and reception for Museum members starting at 5 p.m.

    The opening night is hosted by Krannert Art Museum Council, the museum’s volunteer support group of art enthusiasts who are committed to the museum and its mission. Besides the opening night, the group also supports the museum through different activities such as holding fundraising events and organizing art-related bus trips.

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    Sabrina Yan, Luke Cooper and Jessica Bursztynsky contributed to this report.