Student government proposes culturally inclusive town hall meetings


Sabrina Yan

The Illinois Student Government held a meeting in the Pine Room of the Illini Union on Wednesday, Jan. 18th.

By Gillian Dunlop, Staff Writer

The Illinois Student Government continues its pursuit to increase diversity and inclusion. So far this year, they’ve passed resolutions focusing on indigenous people, diversity training and issues of the student body.

A town hall meeting was proposed as a way to encourage diversity. The meetings would be held once a semester and would invite leaders to speak from different cultural houses, student-led religious groups and each RSO and Greek Council on campus.

The resolution was met with a lot of debate from the senate concerning how the town hall meetings would be set up and who would be represented.

“Do not talk-the-talk,” LAS senator Rose Rodriguez said. “Walk-the-walk. Do you really want a cultural center here? How about you actually go to one?”

Rodriguez’s comments were met with snaps of approval from other senators.

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    The senators approved funding for the 2017 Teaching Excellence Awards and agreed to host the Association of Big Ten Students conference this summer.

    Hydration stations will also be put into effect during Unofficial. Water will be served between 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. outside of the Ikenberry Commons, Alma Mater statue and Bromley Residence Hall.

    President Ron Lewis will appoint either Rebecca Laurent, Tara Chattoraj or Madeleine Hubbard to the revolving loan selection committee or another person of his choice. If Lewis decides to appoint someone who was not nominated during this meeting, the senate will need to confirm the appointment with a majority vote.

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