Garth Brooks breaks ticket sales record in Champaign



Country music superstar Garth Brooks performs at the Valley View Casino Center on Nov. 5, 2015 in San Diego, Calif. Tickets for Brook’s Champaign show were in high demand, causing the ticket server to crash.

By Megan Jones, Staff Reporter

Apr. 4 update: Trisha Yearwood will no longer be joining Garth Brooks in Champaign for the Apr. 30 show. She will be attending the Daytime Emmy’s for her nominated show “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.”  

“So, the boss has given me the night off,” Yearwood said in a Facebook video message to fans.

Garth Brooks broke his ticket sales record in Champaign, surpassing 50,000 sold — and tickets are still selling.

The country music singer’s previous record was set March 7 to 9, 1997 with 48,633 tickets sold for a show at Assembly Hall.

The previous record holder at Assembly Hall was Elvis Presley with 17,200 tickets sold in 1976.

What originally started out as a one night show in Champaign has now expanded to four shows, running Friday to Sunday with two shows on Saturday, April 29. Thursday was round two to buy tickets after the site crashed on March 10. The sale ended after the ticketing system could not keep up with the amount of users trying to purchase, leaving many in a virtual waiting room.

Brooks will be joined by Trisha Yearwood as part of his world tour, which has been running for three years. This is his last stop on the tour in Illinois. Besides circus acts, Brooks is the only one to do back-to-back shows at the State Farm Center.

Tickets cost $74.98 after service fees are included.

Brad Swanson, assistant director of marketing and sales at the State Farm Center, said that State Farm director Kevin Ullestad has been working to book Brooks for three years.

“Garth has been on tour for about that long, this world tour he’s doing,” Swanson said. “They started having conversations way back then and of course we just have our renovations completed, so things kind of worked out for this date and we’re able to get him back.”

According to Swanson, when he was here 20 years ago Brooks said he would try to come back to Champaign before the end of his career.

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