‘I Love Illinois Week’ underway on campus


Jessica Jutzi

“I Love Illinois” week is from April 10 to 14 and is organized by the Student Alumni Ambassadors, an RSO focused on promoting school spirit. Different events will be occurring throughout the week to highlight the University’s positive attributes.

By Daily Illini Staff Report

The Student Alumni Ambassadors, an RSO focused on promoting school spirit, is hosting its annual “I Love Illinois Week” from April 10 to 14.

“The motivation behind the week is to give students a platform to discover what they love about Illinois, whether that be a RSO, the campus, a professor or something else that the Illinois community has to offer,” said Ryan Salzeider, sophomore in ACES and homecoming vice president of Student Alumni Ambassadors.

The week is designed to celebrate the University’s campus by engaging students in a week full of events, games, raffles and prizes.

The week began with Student Appreciation Day on Monday.

Student Alumni Ambassadors, College of LAS leaders and the Illini Union Board hosted informational pop-up tents around the Main Quad, and a bean bag tournament took place at the ARC.

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    On Tuesday, Campus Appreciation Day focused on environmental sustainability by featuring pop-up tents led by University groups such as Students for Environmental Concerns, Brands Give Back, Illinois Biodiesel Initiative and Engineers for a Sustainable World.

    Sustainability demonstrations also were held on the Main Quad, and a keynote speech was given by John Marlin, a University research affiliate.

    On Wednesday, students can show support for their professors on Faculty Appreciation Day by sharing a note of appreciation at the Faculty Appreciation Booth located at the Ikenberry Commons and the Main Quad.

    Thursday is dedicated to the University’s donors and alumni. The Ikenberry Commons and the Main Quad will host Thanks for Tanks, which is an ‘I Love Illinois’ T-shirt giveaway in exchange for handwritten thank-you cards for University donors.

    The week will conclude with a Sesquicentennial Celebration on the Main Quad in honor of the University’s 150-year anniversary, where various cultural houses and other campus organizations will share their history at the University. 

    “We are aiming to make sure that all students have something they love about Illinois now and will still love about Illinois 10 plus years from now,” Salzeider said.  

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