Women’s Resource Center and Global Studies get new home


Sabrina Yan

A discussion on “The State of Reproductive Justice” as one of the Hot Topics Dialogues presented by YWCA of the University and the Women’s Resources Center, took place at the current location of the Resource Center on Apr.10th.

By Jessica Berbey, Assistant Daytime Editor

The Women’s Resource Center and the LAS Global Studies office are moving to a different building after the spring semester.

Both offices are currently located at 703 S. Wright St. but will relocate to 616 E. Green St.

Timothy Wedig, interim director of LAS Global Studies, said the lease for the side of the building which is home to LAS Global Studies and the Women’s Resource Center will be up in May.

“I don’t see any major impacts,” he said. “We are moving across the street. It’s certainly a little farther from campus. I’m not sure it’s any more difficult to find.”

Wedig said that with all of the construction and remodeling happening on campus, there is a necessity for the University to utilize rented space.

“This has been a long process,” he said. “In terms of other units, we’re moving (to Green Street) because we needed a space with one shared location. The other options would have involved splitting (Global Studies offices) up and that was not acceptable for obvious reasons.”

Wedig said despite the move not being drastic, he had preferred if the move would have been to an on-campus location, as the LAS Global Studies academic unit has about 250 undergraduates majoring in the program and 30 students minoring.

“As construction ends, there will be new opportunities, so we’re looking at this as temporary,” he said. “(It’s) not ideal, but at least we are all together in one location and that’s certainly a good thing.”

Unlike Wedig, Patricia Morey, program director for Women’s Resource Center, said that she thinks the move will have impacts on their programs.

“We’ve been in this building for seven years,” Morey said. “Because we are moving across the street to the middle of the block on Green, the building has no parking, which will likely affect our ability to reach students who don’t live on campus.”

Morey also said that getting people to recognize that they’ve moved will be a little difficult.

“People are really familiar with where we are located,” she said. “It will take a while, a lot of marketing and a lot of word of mouth for people to recognize we’re not here anymore.”

The Women’s Resource Center is not only open to students but also to the general public, with programs running Mondays through Fridays.

“Moving won’t affect the programming, but it will likely affect the attendance to some level,” Morey said.

The building owner Fox Companies has yet to respond to several attempts for comment.

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