MCORE project halts as state enters third year without budget


Jessica Jutzi

MCORE renovations occur in front of the Illini Union and portions of Green Street, which is part of a five-part plan to renovate campus streets. The project was halted beginning July as the state of Illinois was unable to pass a budget to fund the construction.

By Jessica Bursztynsky, Interim Editor-in-Chief

It was a bit more quiet on Green St. since campus construction was halted this past weekend, as Illinois went into its third fiscal year without a budget.

The Illinois Department of Transportation shut down its state-let programs, which includes the Multimodal Corridor Enhancement Program (MCORE) that is currently going on across campus.

A federal grant was used to pay for the project, and now IDOT is unable to pay contractors.

The work on Project 1 will leave Green St. between Wright St. and Goodwin Avenue closed until further notice, according to a June 30 press release.

Work on Project 2, however, allows for traffic from Green St. to continue from Neil St. to Wright St. There was previously barricades blocking the lanes.

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