Coursicle solves common class registration dilemma


By Kevin Delgado, Staff writer

Students can now be stress-free during the class registration process due to a new application co-developed by Harvard graduate Tara Aida and Joe Puccio, from the University of North Carolina.

Coursicle offers students the ability to receive notifications when a class formerly at capacity opens up.

“The inspiration for Coursicle was actually the terrible registration experience that my co-founder had as a freshman at UNC,” Aida said.  “We realized that this was a problem that not only Joe, but many other students at UNC and even students at other universities were facing.”

Aida and Puccio introduced the app in December 2016. Before the app, the text message notification feature on the company’s website sent 200,000 text messages per month. The app ultimately helps students get into classes that fill up quickly.

“This makes the app particularly useful for students who need to get into certain classes in order to graduate on time or students who want to take certain sections of a class, such as those that don’t start at 8 a.m.,” Aida said.

The app and website currently have approximately 100,000 users and 2,300 at the University, one of the largest user bases, according to Puccio.

“Coursicle helped me sign up for a class I needed to take so that I could graduate on time. I recommend it to students who are looking to take classes that fill up quickly,” said Omar Aranda, senior in ACES.

Coursicle was first introduced to the University when University alum Ashley Moy and Justin Brooks encountered Aida and Puccio at a start-up accelerator in Memphis, Tennessee. According to Puccio, Moy and Brooks promoted the expansion of the app at the University.

“We have received over 1,000 expansion requests. The main focus at the moment is to make it easier for students interested in the same class to connect and expand to more universities,” Puccio said.

The company’s website offers an additional feature. While the app notifies students when a class they are interested in opens up, the website allows students to browse classes and create as many potential schedules as they’d like.

The company’s website also allows students to log in with Facebook and view which of their friends are interested in the same courses.

Although Coursicle began as a free tool, a premium version of the app now costs $3 per semester. Users are allowed to track one class for free or unlimited classes with the premium feature.

“We know there are a lot of students who could really use Coursicle to help with the course registration process,” Aida said.

Coursicle is available to both Android and iOS users.

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