AGCO Acceleration Center comes to Research Park

By The Daily Illini Staff Report

An AGCO Acceleration Center was announced to open at the University Research Park on Thursday. AGCO is an agricultural equipment manufacturer based in Duluth, Georgia.

The center will focus on the advancement of technological innovation for grain, seed processing, swine and poultry production equipment brands, including GSI, Cimbria, AP and Cumberland.

With the focus on the development of new-to-market solutions and technologies to help farmers feed an increasing world population, the AGCO Acceleration Center also provides the opportunity for year-round employment for University undergraduate and graduate students.

The center will start with seven student interns and two full-time employees, but it will recruit from the University when additional projects begin.

“Not only will the Acceleration Center explore new ways to help farmers build smarter, stronger farms, but it also provides students with a valuable growth opportunity to work on real-life projects with a global agriculture company,” said Lena Swearingen-Head, AGCO Acceleration Center site director, in a press release.

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