Student trustee candidates debate for position


Jean Pabon

The Student Trustee Debate took place at Courtyard Cafe in Illini Union Tuesday night.

By Zihan Wang, Contributing Writer

Two out of the three candidates were present at the student trustee debate Tuesday night to discuss their expectations for the position and their views on issues around campus.

Trayshawn Mitchell, senior in LAS and a student trustee for the past year, said his priority as a candidate is to provide more transparency, and used the Chief Illiniwek issue as an example in the debate.

“We have to fix the culture before we head for something new,” he said.

Mitchell said the University should provide more financial support to the minority groups and emphasized on “equal work equal pay.” He said he is interested in fundraising and exploring new ways to obtain more capital to support the board of student trustees.  

Mitchell also emphasized the importance of alumni networking, sexual assault awareness and the creation of a single system to help better communicate between the three campuses.

Logan Walker, graduate student in Business and Architecture, said his key focuses include the University symbolism and identity, student funding allocations, exam scheduling and professor evaluations.

“What I really like to do is to work with students, work on both sides, try to find something we can honor the past, the alumni can be proud of, but also work for the future and what the next aspect of this university can be,” he said.

Walker focused on the scholarship and financial support for providing opportunities to get the education, and said the alumni would provide much help financially.

Walker also said he thinks the University should focus on being more sustainable and energy-efficient in the next five years to make the state a better place.  

During the discussion about connecting students and administrators, Mitchell said he would try to reach out to more student organizations to build connection with more students.

Walker said it is important to provide the opportunities and options to reach out to the students in need.

“We have to have that culture that people want to reach out, getting to know people, say something”, Walker said. “Making atmosphere for students so that they can reach that.”

Hercules Analitis, junior in Engineering, was not present at the debate but provided a statement read by the staff.

“Every Illini is entitled to liberty, equality and community. Our university is in turmoil, and our current student elected officials have allowed this divide to flourish and have shown an unwillingness to do anything about it,” he said in the statement.

Analitis’ statement also highlighted issues including reforming mental health services, increasing sexual assault and alcohol abuse awareness, and ensuring military credits transfer to the University.

The debate was hosted by the Campus Student Election Committee and Illinois Student Government, and moderated by The Daily Illini.

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