ISG swears in student leaders in first meeting of the second assembly

By Madelyn Foster, Assistant News Editor

The Illinois Student Government swore in President-elect Walter Lindwall, Vice President-elect Alice Zheng and senators in the official transition meeting into the second assembly Wednesday.

“Tonight is about the empowerment of a new generation of leaders at the University of Illinois tasked with a series of responsibilities of the advancement,” said Sam Leroy, senior in business and speaker of the senate for the first assembly. 

The newly sworn-in senators elected Alissa Xiao, freshman in LAS, as the new speaker of the Senate. Xiao ran unopposed.

Margareta Sutarova, junior in LAS, also took an oath of office for her re-election as the director of the Senate.

ISG discussed committee chair nominations, which will continue into the next week.

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    Lindwall said he and Zheng will be working to accomplish the promises made during their campaign, beginning with hiring a cabinet.

    “We are going to divide the priorities between the two of us and have cabinet positions work on these goals,” Lindwall said.

    Lindwall also mentioned the reinstatement of a sexual assault prevention program, resolutions regarding adequate polling places during the November midterm elections and suicide awareness week in September.

    “I promise I am not going to stop,” Lindwall said. “Even if I stumble and if I make mistakes.”

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