Restaurant turnover in Champaign-Urbana area

By Sam Boyle, Assistant Daytime News Editor

Restaurants closed in the past year:


Chatime was located on 512 E. Green St. before it was permanently closed in March 2017. Chatime was a cafe known for serving bubble tea. The location was taken over by Taipei Cafe.

Azzip Pizza

Azzip Pizza was located at 505 E. Green St. before it closed on Oct. 7. The Champaign location was first opened in 2015. and no new Illinois locations have opened since.

Mashawi Grill

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    Mashawi Grill was located at 617 E. Green St. before it closed in April 2017. The restaurant closed suddenly and notified its customers with a pink note on the door saying the restaurant had been sold. Teamoji took over the location in October.


    Wedge, a Mexican restaurant and bar, closed on March 25. Wedge was originally located at 415 N. Neil St., and the restaurant opened around six years ago. No new businesses have taken this location.   

    Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

    Brixx Wood Fired Pizza was originally located at 2043 S. Neil St. and closed on Dec. 9. Brixx still has locations in Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama and South Carolina.

    Restaurants opened in the past year:

    Lao Sze Chuan

    Lao Sze Chuan is a Chinese restaurant located at 608 E. University Ave. This restaurant and bar opened in Champaign last summer and has several other locations in the country.

    Taipei Cafe

    Taipei Cafe is located at 512 E. Green St. and was opened in summer 2017, replacing Chatime. The cafe offers different kinds of beverages and a few food options. Braised pork rice and waffle dogs are some of the options on the menu.

    Signature Grill

    Signature Grill is located at 505 E. Green St., replacing Azzip Pizza. Signature Grill opened on March 1 and offers a variety of Indian and Mexican foods.

    Nanjing Bistro

    Nanjing Bistro is located on 508 E. Green St. and offers a variety of Chinese food. Nanjing Bistro opened in the Champaign area in 2017.

    Mid Summer Lounge 

    Mid Summer Lounge is located on 623 E. Green St. and opened in April 2017. Mid Summer Lounge is a sit-down Chinese restaurant.


    Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh opened in February and is located in the Illini Union food court. It is a chain restaurant that offers Mediterranean food, and it is also the first restaurant on campus to offer halal food.


    TeaMoji is located at 617 E. Green St. and opened in October 2017, replacing Mashawi Grill. TeaMoji offers smoothies, bubble tea, pastries and more. TeaMoji also has a location in Boston.

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