ISG announces appointment of new adviser

By Samantha Boyle, Assistant Daytime News Editor

After searching all summer for the right candidate, the Illinois Student Government announced Tuesday its appointment of Alejandro Sune, currently the assistant director for Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, as the new adviser.

“Some characteristics that stood out include Sune’s commitment to students and his active role in advising students in his past rolls on campus,” said Susan Zhou, chief of staff for ISG, in an email. “He also had some key and interesting ideas on the student spirit portion of the job description.” 

Zhou said there was a search committee, consisting of ISG President Walter Lindwall and herself, to provide the student interest aspect.

“I am excited to take on the role as the new adviser for the Illinois Student Government,” Sune said.

He said he plans to meet with all the student leaders in ISG to get to know them and their goals.

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    “I also plan to learn more about the inner workings of the organization,” Sune said.

    Sune’s role will consist of advising the ISG, co-advising the Campus Student Election Commission and administer the Collegiate Readership Program.

    Sune’s position at Fraternity & Sorority Affairs will end on Sept. 30 and he will take on the adviser position for the ISG on Oct. 1.

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