Champaign Police warns community of counterfeit currency

By Samantha Boyle, News Editor

After several reports of counterfeit currency attempted to be used at some local businesses, the Champaign Police Department is warning the community of these instances, according to a City of Champaign press release.

The crimes are currently under investigation, but investigators have discovered the counterfeit currency is placed into circulation through more than one person.

“These persons then continue to circulate the money by making small purchases at area businesses,” according to the press release. “In the majority of the reported cases to the Champaign Police Department, the offender has sought to make a small purchase with a counterfeit $100 bill in an attempt to recover as much real currency in return.”

Police encourage all businesses to make sure they know how to authenticate money and to be aware of anyone who is attempting to pass along money, ask to trade out bills or make any other unusual requests for change.

Anyone is encouraged to contact Champaign Police or the local United States Secret Office, an agency that investigates counterfeit currency.

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