University adjusts Student Service, Campus Transportation fees


Ben Tschetter

Students climb aboard an MTD bus at the Union bus stop on Feb. 23, 2018.

By Diana Anghel, Assistant News Editor

In a Massmail sent on Friday, University administration informed students they will be partially refunded for the Student Service and Campus Transportation fees. The refunds will account for 53% of the amount students pay for these services, in respect to the loss of access since March 14.

The refunded amounts for student services and campus transportation will be $157 and $33, respectively. Students who have paid semester fees in full will see this total in their student accounts, while those paying in installments will have their remaining payments adjusted. 

Additionally, the Massmail addresses the question of why some campus fees are not being adjusted. University administration said several fees are “dedicated to campus infrastructure and maintenance that are not tied to specific services and periods of use” in the email. These include services such as classroom renovations, debt service, student scholarships, bike paths and deferred maintenance for student-used facilities. 

Student Health Insurance fees, fees related to specific academic programs or courses and class tuition are also not included in University adjustments or refunds. 

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