Champaign County holds contest to change ‘I Voted’ sticker design


Photo courtesy of Angela Pattons

The previous winner for the “I Voted” design contest held by Champaign County. The winner will be announced on April 11.

By Dayae Lee, Contributing Writer

On Feb. 10, the Champaign County Clerk and Recorder of Deeds’ Office decided to change the “I Voted”  sticker through an open contest to Champaign County residents. 

The original “I Voted” sticker’s design has not changed for over a decade. 

“We thought it would create some excitement within the community around the upcoming election and also give the opportunity for young people to be introduced to the electoral process,” said Champaign County Clerk Aaron Ammons when asked about the reasoning behind holding the contest.

Although there are cash prizes for six different age categories, only one participant’s design will become the new “I Voted” sticker for the 2022 elections. Anyone younger than 18 must submit a parental release form to participate. 

The theme of the sticker contest is “this is what democracy looks like,” which originated from Ammons’ campaign. During his campaign, he used a two-way chant to lead his audience. 

A single person would shout “Show me what democracy looks like,” and the crowd would reply with “This is what democracy looks like.” The theme of the chant and Ammons’ campaign carried over to the theme of this contest. 

Ammons stated he does not have a specific design he prefers. He is overall enthusiastic with all types of submissions that are within the framework of the theme. 

Without the specific preferences or directions, he believes it will allow “the artist’s creativity to flow and their experiences to come through in the submissions they will offer.” 

Ammons also strongly encourages as many people as possible to participate as he believes democracy represents participation that goes beyond just voting. 

“Democracy is not just voting, but using your own talents and characteristics to make sure it thrives in the community,” Ammons said. 

Furthermore, Champaign Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen also has commented that this contest would be a great way to increase the engagement of democracy in Champaign, especially for those of the younger generation.

All submissions are due April 1 and winners will be announced on April 11.

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