UI operations adjust to winter storm


Brigida Dockus

On Wednesday, the University Facilities & Services team worked to remove snow accumulation from the winter storm that morning. Early in the day, there was heavy snow fall and conditions were slippery.

By Layli Nazarova, Staff Writer

Yesterday evening, the University was overtaken by a winter storm which unleashed wintry and snowy weather on campus. 

On Jan. 24, students received an email from Chancellor Robert J. Jones with information about the upcoming storm and the organization of classes the next day.

“Classes will meet Wednesday as scheduled and normal campus operations should be maintained,” Jones stated in his email. 

However, some facilities and services on campus were shifted to a remote operation mode. Illinois International, the University department responsible for international student affairs, became one of them.

“Due to the forecast winter storm, all Illinois International units, including International Student and Scholar Services, will be operating remotely on Wednesday and Thursday,” stated Illinois International in their email to the international students.

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    To help other facilities continue their operations, the Facilities & Services department started preparing for severe weather conditions beforehand. 

    “The de-icing solution, sprayed up to 72 hours before winter storms with pavement temperatures above 15 degrees Fahrenheit, can melt one to two inches of accumulation and prevent adherence of ice and snow to concrete surfaces,” said Steven Breitwieser, spokesperson for University Facilities & Services, in an email. 

    However, according to Breitwieser, such weather cannot be considered common even in the winter season. 

    “Each winter is different, and the number of weather events that require snow/ice removal operations can vary greatly,” Breitwieser said. “F&S staff stay prepared to clear snow and ice whenever needed.”

    Currently, the main priority of the Facilities & Services department is to ensure that the campus is accessible for everyone. 

    “Snow and ice removal is priority work, and F&S operations help keep the campus open and accessible for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors,” Breitwieser said. 


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