Planned Parenthood of Illinois announces 54% increase in abortions since overturn of Roe v. Wade


Lisa Chasanov

The Planned Parenthood in Champaign located on Stoughton Avenue provides information and services in regards to sex education.

By Lisa Chasanov, Summer Editor

On Monday, Planned Parenthood of Illinois announced in a statement that clinics across the state have experienced a 54% increase in abortion patients since the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022. 

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization determined that the decision to restrict or protect abortion access in each state would be left up to their individual governments.

As a result of this ruling, 14 states have enacted near-total abortion bans. Residents of many of these areas now rely on Illinois clinics as their nearest legal abortion providers. 

According to PPIL’s statement, the number of patients seeking financial support to travel to or receive care at Illinois clinics has more than doubled since the Dobbs decision. 

“The Supreme Court stripped away a fundamental right, causing devastating consequences for our patients, especially those forced to travel for care,” said Jennifer Welch, president and CEO of PPIL. “People should have the freedom to control their own body without political or corporate interference … I am proud of the work PPIL does to meet patients’ needs and continue to fight to expand access to care.” 

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    According to PPIL data in the statement, the Dobbs decision may have also contributed to an increase in later term abortions.

    More patients than ever are coming to one of our health centers at a higher gestational age that requires a procedural abortion,” the statement said. “Abortions over 16 weeks gestational age now make up 13% of all procedural abortions, compared to 8% pre-Dobbs decision.”

    PPIL data also indicates that in the year since the Dobbs decision, nearly 25% of all PPIL patients have traveled to clinics from another state compared to 7% before Dobbs

    According to Planned Parenthood’s statement, the Illinois branch of the organization took steps immediately after the Dobbs decision to prepare for an increase in patients from across the country.

    Among these steps was a partnership with Wisconsin healthcare providers, updates to the clinic in Champaign and an expansion of the dedicated team for “abortion navigation,” which is tasked with assisting out-of-state patients in overcoming access barriers to care.

    “Illinois is a safe haven in the Midwest because of the pro-choice champions in Springfield,” Welch said. “Together with coalition partners, we passed a full suite of legislation that protects our patients and providers traveling from another state where there are bans and restrictions. We continue to fight for the rights of everyone to access the essential health care they need and deserve. ”


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