Supreme Court blocks plan to forgive student loans


By Maaike Niekerk, Summer Editor

The Supreme Court blocked President Biden’s plan to forgive student loans earlier this morning, by ruling 6-3 against the plan.

The plan intended to forgive around $400 billion in student loans. Up to $20,000 would have been provided to millions of people struggling with student debt.

According to Council on Foreign Relations, student loan debt in the United States has greatly increased in recent years, as higher education is providing students with great socioeconomic benefits, but at a heavy cost.

The plan was conceived in fall 2022 after student debt was greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to CNN, Biden will announce further actions to protect and assist student loan borrowers later today, and is putting complete responsibility on the Republican party for blocking the student debt relief program.

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    Polls from USA Today  and Marquette Law School found that a majority of Americans were in support of student debt being cancelled for people across the country.


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