Road closure of Healey Street between 3rd, 4th streets

By Maaike Niekerk, Summer Editor

The City of Champaign announced on Monday that a block of Healey street will be closed for two weeks beginning July 5.

The closure is a part of the city’s 2023 Infrastructure Maintenance Project and will occur between Third and Fourth streets.

The announcement said that “No parking” signs would be posted near the area and requested community members to refrain from parking nearby and to move cautiously through the construction zone when necessary.

The group in charge of the project, Feutz Contractors, will reportedly attempt to complete the project quickly in order to minimize inconveniences to community members in the area.

The project may take longer than the expected two weeks if weather conditions interfere with progress.

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    The notification was sent out by Kris Koester, the administrative services manager and PIO for the Public Works Department and LGBTQ+ liaison to the City Manager.

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