Sexual assault incident at University apartment


By Maaike Niekerk, Summer Editor

A campus safety notice was sent out earlier this morning about a reported incident of sexual assault at an apartment on University property.

The email said that the assault occurred at 4:30am today. The student who was assaulted had reportedly met the offender on a dating app beforehand.

The email did not provide many details about the incident, in order to “avoid releasing information that could lead to the identification of a survivor.”

“We do this to reduce the possibility that a survivor becomes the target of retaliation, harassment or further psychological harm,” the email said.

The campus safety notice was sent to University members in accordance with a federal law which requires universities to “disclose information about certain crimes on or immediately adjacent to campus property,” the email said.

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    The University reported that they are providing help and support to those involved in the incident.

    Additionally, the University provided an abundance of resources at the end of the email, such as links to the Women’s Resources Center, McKinley Health Center and Rape Advocacy, Counseling & Education Services (RACES).

    The email also explicitly stated that University policy strictly prohibits any form of sexual misconduct, and provided additional tips for the University community to prevent further incidents like this on campus.


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