UI moves classes online due to winter snowstorm


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Students walk to class on a snowy day on Oct. 31, 2019. The University has announced classes will be remote from Wednesday to Friday.

By Weiyu Ding, Staff Writer

The National Weather Service issued a notice that Champaign County will experience a winter storm with winds of up to 35 mph and an expected total snowpack of 5 to 15 inches from 9 p.m. Wednesday to 6 p.m Thursday. 

While the University will not be closed and classes will not be canceled, the University will shift classes and essential services online from Wednesday through Friday due to the snowstorm.

“Our goal is to reduce the number of people on the campus to allow limited staff to provide essential support services to our students and to let F&S safely clear sidewalks, streets and parking lots,”said Chancellor Robert Jones in a Massmail.

Some instructors have been informing students the remaining courses this week have been changed to online courses since yesterday. 

Regarding COVID-19 testing, Jones said that those who are required to do so should complete their tests Tuesday if possible, as all testing sites will be closed on Wednesday.

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    Ehab Kamarah, Interim Executive Director of facilities and services, said F&S will begin snow and ice removal on Wednesday morning.

    “Because of the amount of snow forecasted and the strength of wind predicted, using smaller parking lots during the storm may leave vehicles prone to blockage by snowdrifts,” Kamarah said in a Massmail.

    Kamarah mentioned that the F&S crews will give priority to levels four and five of parking lot B4 at the corner of University and Matthews avenues, shuttle lot E14 west of the State Farm Center and parking lot F27 near VetMed.

    “Individuals are strongly advised to use these locations along with MTD service,” Kamarah said.

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