PSL holds rally for abortion rights, protests local ‘crisis pregnancy centers’


Jacob Slabosz

Protestors of the Party for Socialism and Liberation hold signs in protest outside of the I Hotel and Conference Center on Tuesday. The goal of the protest was towards the deception of crisis towards pregnancy centers and for officials to take action.

By Jacob Slabosz, Staff Writer

Bearing bright yellow signs with phrases like “Defend Roe! By any means necessary!” members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation rallied at the south end of the State Farm Center’s parking lot to protest a banquet held by Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center on Tuesday.

Living Alternatives, an organization that offers pregnancy testing, pre-abortion screenings and ultrasound exams, among a slew of other services, hosted its annual Champaign/Rantoul Banquet fundraiser at the I-Hotel and Conference Center.

According to the nonprofit’s website, the organization presents the truth and does not coerce women into decisions. However, Sarah Blanco, an organizer with PSL, said the nonprofit is not completely transparent.

“We’re doing this because Living Alternatives and other crisis pregnancy centers like that tend to present themselves as uncontroversial, charitable organizations — even medical clinics — serving pregnant women,” Blanco said. “In reality, they pressure women to not have abortions using disinformation and manipulation tactics. We are trying to raise awareness about this side of them, which doesn’t always get as much attention.”

According to PSL, under a socialist government, women should have the right to choose to have children, as well as free and high-quality natal health care. 

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“We believe that a pregnant person should be able to choose what to do with their body,” Hrant Kebansti, an organizer with the party, said. “We oppose organizations that threaten people’s right to abortion and right to choose.”

According to Kebansti, one of the main goals of the protest is to pressure local officials into taking action against the deception of crisis pregnancy centers.

Blanco further mentioned that more conclusive action should be taken with regards to the center.

“We’re ultimately hoping to get this center and the other crisis pregnancy center locally, Birthright of Champaign, shut down, or for the government to take some action to protect the community from (its) disinformation tactics,” Blanco said.


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