‘Sign and Drive’ becomes law in Illinois

By Daily Illini Staff Report

Illinois motorists who receive certain traffic violations will no longer have to give police officers their driver’s license due to the newly signed “Sign and Drive” law.

Previously, driver’s licenses were taken as a security measure to ensure people would cooperate with appearing in court or paying the required fine. State Representative John D’Amico, D-15, one of the bill’s cosponsors, said the law will be beneficial to citizens since photo identification is often needed.

“Senate Bill 2583 is a piece of commonsense legislation aimed at cutting down on the instances of identification misuse or misplacement,” D’Amico said in a press release. “This bill will get our safe drivers back on the road and keep our state moving forward.”

Gov. Pat Quinn recently signed the legislation, allowing those who receive the traffic violation to sign the citation that indicates they will comply with the terms of the citation.

“A driver’s license is an important form of identification, and without it many residents may run into problems during everyday situations when a valid ID is required,” Quinn said in a press release. “This common sense legislation will allow law enforcement officials to continue doing their jobs while letting motorists hang onto a vital piece of identification. ‘Sign and Drive’ will help ensure motorists comply with the law and keep traffic moving on our streets.”

The law, which goes into effect immediately, preserves the Secretary of State’s right to revoke someone’s driving privileges if he or she does not comply with the citation.