Fraternity loses University recognition, will continue to operate on campus

By Daily Illini Staff Report

The Gamma Zeta chapter of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity will continue to operate on campus, despite no longer being recognized by the University, according to a press release from Wynn Smiley, the Chief Executive Officer of the fraternity.

The fraternity has been under investigation since an incident occurred last spring, which involved 30 to 50 members of the fraternity. On May 6, members broke windows at Bromley Hall, caused a disturbance at KAM’S and jumped on several cars in Champaign.

After the incident, the chapter was suspended due to an ongoing investigation.

Smiley acknowledges the incident in the release and said the chapter’s alumni Board of Trustees “took punitive action against everyone involved in the incident including six men who were expelled from the fraternity.”

The chapter also paid for the damages caused and apologized to KAM’s, Smiley said.

“It is highly unusual that the National Fraternity keeps a chapter open that has lost host institution recognition,” Smiley said. “There is no excuse for the May 6 incident and we respect the University’s judicial process, but in this case believe the University made a mistake.”

The Interfraternity Council could not be reached for comment at this time.