Local elected offices up for a vote, what the positions include

By Daily Illini Staff Report

The high profile elections are the presidential and senate candidates. But the ballot will be much longer than just those two races. The other candidates may be obscure and unknown but their decisions may impact the day-to-day lives of Champaign-Urbana residents and University students more than the national election will.

The other positions may be more obscure but they represent the people who live in the surrounding areas and make sure their local government and everyday needs are taken care of.

The following positions are going to be voted on and filled on the Nov. 8 election.

Illinois State Comptroller

The comptroller is in charge of the state’s bank accounts and financial assets. He or she is also in charge of the money that goes in and out of them. The comptroller signs paychecks to state employees and authorizes payments. The power of the position comes from the Illinois Constitution which states the duties as “(a) maintaining the central fiscal accounts of the state, and (b) ordering payments into and out of the funds held by the Treasurer of Illinois.” 

The incumbent, Leslie Munger, was appointed by Gov. Bruce Rauner in Jan. 2015.

Illinois State Senator, Illinois State Senate district 52 

A member of the Illinois General Assembly. The elected senator represents their district’s interests in Springfield. The senate passes legislation, approves the budget.

The incumbent is Scott Bennett who has served since Jan. 2015.

Illinois State Representative, Illinois State House district 103

A member of the Illinois General Assembly. The elected representative works to write and pass legislation that represents their district’s interests in Springfield. The Illinois House of Representatives has 118 members.

The incumbent is Carol Ammons who has served since Jan. 2015.

Champaign County Clerk

The clerk is responsible for keeping the public records of the county. This includes marriage certificates, death certificates, birth certificates and keeping record of the ordinances and resolutions of the county and the county board agenda and minutes. The clerk is also in charge of organizing the elections.

Gordy Hulten is the clerk currently and is not seeking reelection.

Champaign County Coroner

The coroner is responsible for determining the cause of death when a physician is not present. The position includes issuing death certificates, determining the need for an investigation into the cause of death or the need for an autopsy if the death is suspicious. The coroner also acts as the sheriff if the sheriff’s office is ever vacant.

The incumbent is Duane Northrup.

Champaign County State’s Attorney

The office of the state’s attorney brings to court all criminal and traffic cases in the county. The attorney also represents and defends in cases raised against the county or a county officer. The attorney gives opinions on the law to any county officers and interprets the law relating to the county.

The incumbent is Julia Rietz.

Champaign County Recorder Of Deeds

The recorder of deeds maintains property records for the county. The documents include, deeds, mortgages, plats of subdivision and land surveys. The other documents include foreign birth certificates, foreign marriage licenses, military discharge paperwork among others.

The incumbent is Barb Frasca.

Champaign County Auditor

The auditor acts as the county’s accountant. The position audits claims against the county and pays claims. The auditor continually audits the money of the county and the financial records of the county offices. The auditor is supposed to serve as an in-house watchdog for the county government.

The incumbent is John Farney.

Champaign County Commissioner, Champaign County Board District 9

The commissioner is a member of the Champaign County board. The position is in place to serve as a representative of the district’s needs throughout the county to the county board. The board works to ensure the county government runs smoothly and functions within the best interest of the county.