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Illini Alert: High pressure gas leak reported near Krannert

The Goodwin street entrance of the Krannert Center.

The Goodwin street entrance of the Krannert Center.

Patrick Li

Patrick Li

The Goodwin street entrance of the Krannert Center.

Aaron Navarro, Assistant Daytime News Editor

A high pressure natural gas leak was reported in the 1110 block of West Oregon street, near the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, according to an Illini-Alert issued by the University of Illinois Police Department Tuesday around noon.

The alert said to avoid the area and that there are no building evacuations planned. The Urbana Fire Department is currently on the scene. Urbana Fire Chief Brian Nightlinger said that his Operations Chief has units on the scene along with Ameren.

“His units are monitoring the area for gas in the buildings just as a precautionary measure, they will stand by until Ameren repairs the leak,” Nightlinger said.

The leak started on the street, on the north side of Oregon and near Goodwin, outside the south entrance of the Krannert Center of Performing Arts.

“The firefighters will continue to monitor the buildings, to make sure there’s no gas buildup in the buildings,” Nightlinger said. “As long as there’s no gas buildup they won’t evacuate the building.”

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