Top 10 resolutions by Illinois Student Government over the past year

By Cori Lippert, Staff Writer

The Illinois Student Government addressed important campus issues by proposing a total of 115 resolutions in the past year.

Removal of Chief logo

The University responded to the ISG resolution to remove all Chief logos from University buildings.

“We documented almost 40 instances of the Chief logo still being on University property in certain areas,” said ISG President Walter Lindwall, senior in LAS. “So we passed a resolution asking that they be removed in compliance with the retiring of the logo, and they followed through and did that, that week.”

Creation of the Sexual Assault Prevention Department

An executive order was passed to create a Sexual Assault Prevention Department within the student government to raise awareness about bystander intervention and sexual assault prevention.

“We did a lot of work and did a lot of good things, including putting bystander intervention signs in local bar restrooms and creating a support video for survivors,” said Joseph Domanski, senior in LAS and former ISG vice president. “I created this department to help the student body and create a dialogue around an issue that is not being talked about enough.”

Support for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals students

In response to the U.S. government ending the DACA program, the ISG passed a resolution to show their support. The resolution also created an i-Care event that would give students training on matters related to undocumented students.

Impeachment of diversity and inclusion chair 

The impeachment of Andrew Minik, former chair of the Committee of Diversity and Inclusion and senior in Business, sparked a debate between the political parties present on campus.

Lindwall said the impeachment of Minik was unprecedented because every time ISG has had a bad committee chair, they would ask the chair to resign. However, Minik would not resign, and the senate had to go through the official impeachment process.

Support of the Graduate Employees’ Organization strike 

In response to the GEO strike, ISG passed a resolution affirming its support of the GEO. The student government also passed a resolution that allocated funds to provide water bottles, hand warmers and food to the GEO.

Condemnation of Suburban Express

The ISG passed a resolution condemning Suburban Express after the company sent out an email saying its customers wouldn’t feel like they’re in China while riding the Suburban Express buses.

“The statement that was released by this company was simply stupid and unacceptable,” Domanski said.

Reaffirmationof commitment to find a new mascot

The ISG passed a resolution that reaffirms its commitment to finding a new mascot.

“The purpose of this is to finally rip off the band-aid and establish a new mascot that students could get around,” Domanski said in an email. 

Response to the Secretary of Education’s changes to Title IX

The ISG condemned the words and actions of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. The executives condemned the actions of DeVos and promised the University community that the ISG will continue to advocate for resources and support for sexual assault victims.

Organization of Life Goes On task force

The Life Goes On task force was created by an executive order to increase the number of organ donors on the University campus. “The purpose of this task force was created to bring awareness to organ donation. It created a lot of different drives where people signed up to become organ donors, and it brought awareness to the cause,” Domanski said.

Creation of Coffee With Constituents

The series of Coffee With Constituent events was created to help close the gap between ISG senators and University students. The events were held in various locations around campus. Students were able to speak with senators and executive staff over coffee.

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