Illinois Student Government passes resolution calling for repercussions of KAM’s employees

By Julie Kang, Assistant News Editor

The Illinois Student Government passed a resolution Wednesday night, 40-0-0, that would call on KAM’s management to take responsibility for the recent incident caused by a “leaked group chat that implicates KAM’s employees in anti-Hispanic racism,” according to a statement.

In the statement, ISG condemns “these abhorrent sentiments” and requested KAM’s management releases a statement condemning the incident and all employees involved. However, KAM’s posted a statement on its Instagram Wednesday afternoon.

ISG also demands management enforces consequences for the actions of all employees and individuals involved and asks the students involved are sent to the Bias Assessment and Response Team for racial and ethnic bias.

The statement also says in the past, Hispanic individuals with a Puerto Rico license or Illinois Temporary Visitor Driver’s License have been denied access to bars owned by Scott Cochrane.

“As the Illinois Student Government we stand in solidarity with students of all backgrounds protesting the KAM’s incident and discriminatory admittance practices in campus establishments,” the statement reads.

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