University organizations respond to Suburban Express’s ‘act of racism’

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University organizations respond to Suburban Express’s ‘act of racism’

By The Daily Illini Staff Report

Several RSOs have come forward in an open statement to condemn a recent holiday advertisement and subsequent apology made by Suburban Express.

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association, the Taiwanese Students Association, Taiwanese American Students Club, Korean Students Association and the Asian American Association put together the statement circling social media.

“The Chinese student community, along with other Asian student communities, regards those remarks as a serious insult and an act of racism against us all,” according to the statement.

They said that out of 47,826 students enrolled at the University, 8,299 are Asian students (17.35 percent) with origins from more than 15 countries.

In the company’s first apology, Suburban Express cited that 20 percent of students at the University were Chinese students.

The statement also emphasized the value of diversity and inclusivity at the University.

“By engaging with people from different backgrounds, we have broadened our perspective and extended our horizons,” the statement said.

The RSOs call for students who support the belief that “equality is a right of every human being and should be defended under all circumstances” to join them in “speaking out against these unjust behaviors.”

The primary way to fight back, according to the letter, is to file complaints against Suburban Express either on its website or by calling Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office at 877- 581-3692.

The RSOs said this statement is only the beginning of their fight against racism and discrimination.

“With the support of each and every one of you, we can unite together to provide a safer environment for all of us,” the statement said.

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