Letter: Be proud of your country

The problem I have with more than 100,000 people protesting at the Republican National Convention goes way beyond my partisan beliefs. For any of you who have traveled abroad in the last few years know, the United States, and especially President Bush, are highly unpopular. There are obvious reasons, as well as other reasons that are less apparent.

How on earth should we expect the rest of the world to hold the United States and our leaders in high regard if the people of this country do not do the same? I clearly understand the principles of the Constitution and its amendments; however, people should learn to use their freedom of speech and assembly wisely, not to protest against a man and an administration they should be supporting. It leaves me in awe, time and time again, that people protest the war, saying that our troops should not be in Iraq for one reason or another. Rather, we as a nation should be supportive of the men and women risking their lives in the names of freedom and democracy, thus supporting the war, regardless of petty ideologies one may hold. How would you feel as a soldier abroad, knowing that a high percentage of the population of your own country does not support what you are doing? So to those of you with your anti-Bush signs and anti-Bush sentiments, I hope you realize that they are anti-U.S. as well. Rather, you should be proud of your country, its accomplishments and its leaders.

Danielle Sharp

senior in LAS