Letter: A party of no class

Little can surprise me about the Republican Party. Yet, I manage to get shocked every time they do another classless act. Delegates at the Republican National Convention were passing out “Purple Heart” bandages to mock the brave and heroic service Sen. John Kerry displayed during his time in Vietnam.

It was just yet another sick and childish tactic by the Republicans to try to make a joke out of Sen. John Kerry’s service in Vietnam. While they probe into whether Sen. Kerry had just a flesh wound, they are missing the point. Sen. Kerry was in the line of fire. He was over in Vietnam fighting for our country and risking his life for his fellow soldiers.

Mr. Bush was in the Texas Air National Guard not fulfilling his service. The only Purple Heart Mr. Bush would be viable for would be from falling during a drunken stupor. From what the Republicans say, it is just that easy to get one.

This smear of war veterans is nothing new in the Republican Party. Just ask the keynote from the RNC’s opening night, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), or former Sen. Max Cleland (D-Ga.); two gentlemen who should never have their service questioned, but have felt the wrath of the Republican Party’s smear.

The point is, there are certain undeniable truths concerning Sen. Kerry’s Purple Hearts. No matter if he received them for stubbing his toe or taking a bullet, Sen. Kerry served his country bravely in Vietnam. He could have skipped out of war just as Mr. Bush did, but instead he chose to serve his country. The delegates at the RNC were resorting to childish antics, because they knew they would lose if they tried to talk about the issues.

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    Jeffrey Walz

    senior in LAS