Letter: A different perspective

By The Daily Illini

Zachary Schuster’s column commented on the presence of the Catholic Church on campus. I would just like to say that I have had a very different experience. In fact, the real reason I haven’t transferred out of the University is because of my experiences with the Church here. I went through some pretty hard times freshman year, and the Church and the community it offered were really the only ones that could support me through those times. The preaching has constantly lifted me up and inspired me, the community has supported me and the sacraments have empowered me.

One thing that I’d like to clarify is that Mr. Schuster talked about receiving the message from church that people are depraved. I’m not sure why that message was conveyed, but official Church teaching is the complete opposite. The Church teaches that all humans, regardless of age, race, disability, social class, gender, religion and nationality, are inherently good, beautiful and have a unique dignity. In fact, this is the basis for why “drinking too much on the weekend” is a “fault” as he put it. Our humanity is so good, and a clear mind, intellectual capacities, control over our motions and clear vision are such great gifts from God that throwing these away for a few hours is actually a rejection of our own goodness and dignity.

With that aside, I just want to say that I and many people I know have had wonderful experiences here, and I hope that Mr. Schuster and any others who do not attend Mass, for whatever reason, will give it another chance. If they find it half as spiritually fulfilling as I have, it will be well worth their time.

John-Paul Deddens

freshman in engineering

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