Letter: Falling short of the mark

By The Daily Illini

One of the major problems with modern Christians is that we often let extreme fundamentalists, such as Nathan Thompson, define who we are and what we stand for as a religion. Nathan – in his letter to the DI on Wednesday – seriously erred when referring to what Christians believe as a whole.

My major grievance is that Nathan claims that faith alone can get one into heaven. This most certainly is not a universal Christian belief; Sola Fide is a Protestant doctrine that any educated Catholic or Orthodox Christian will refute as heretical. Non-Protestant Christians hold that both faith and good deeds are required for salvation – one must talk the talk and walk the walk. As far as I understand it, the foundational belief of Christianity is that Jesus of Nazareth was, in fact, the Son of God and that through His death and resurrection, He freed all humans from sin, conquered death and offered us the hope of eternal life. Anyone who says otherwise is something other than Christian.

I also hasten to add that, while I am a Christian, I agree in part with Alex Dunkel’s point that many Christian groups on campus, in their zeal to save people, prey on those who are the most insecure with themselves. The resulting converts cling to their faith like a security blanket – a covering that easily can be shaken or lost. I prefer a reasoned faith; a firm foundation I can stand on that will support me in times of hardship. I also think those offering anyone at an institution of higher learning anything less than a reasoned faith fall well short of the mark.

Kyle T. Bergan

junior in LAS

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