Letter: An open letter to Kerry

By The Daily Illini

Dear Sen. John Kerry,

I must confess, though I am a raging liberal, I did not vote for you in the primary. I didn’t like your personality, your apparent arrogance, your seemingly silver spoon life. I thought a vote for Gen. Clark might motivate the Democrats to actually do something instead of stand in Congress and whine about Republicans. I wanted a good, fairly liberal candidate to run, and I thought you were, excuse me for this, boring and uninspiring.

After watching you run the campaign for the last couple of months, particularly since the debates, I realize how wrong I was. You and I share a vital belief: President Bush is a clueless leader who reduces complicated situations to modern sound bites because they sound appealing. He’s stupid, uncreative, arrogant and self-serving. Listening to you speak has not changed my entire opinion of you. I still think you’re a little too arrogant and certainly too complicated for the average U.S. citizen for whom voting and reading a newspaper is obviously a chore. However, I support you because of your passionate opposition to Mr. Bush and his ridiculous policies that reflect not the best interests of the country, but his own personal philosophies. Please, Sen. Kerry, take these last few days to show the United States how wonderful a country it really is, how beautiful the American Dream can be, and how fundamentally un-American Bushism and the ideologically driven cronyism that comes with it is.

Your newly loyal supporter,

Lee Feder

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